Partnering Organizations

Marzano Academies link

We are partners with Marzano Academies to help our school create a competency-based education system. Their team members train and support our teachers and staff on competency-based education components. They also help our teachers deploy a competency-based, student data management system to track and report student progress. Lastly, they provide up-to-date research products on best teaching and assessment practices to help our teachers be the best they can be for our students and community.

Marzano Academies works with BUE to ensure we are a place where all students will learn the content and skills they need for success in college, careers and beyond. In our partnership with Marzano Academies we focus on: 

  • competency-based education,

  • personalized, focused curriculum in mathematics and English language arts,

  • direct instruction in cognitive and meta-cognitive skills,

  • personalized projects,

  • high student engagement, and

  • student inspiration and self-agency.


Bea Underwood Elementary School is part of the EL Education network (formerly Expeditionary Learning) to engage students in work that is challenging, adventurous and meaningful.  Our classrooms are structured to allow students the opportunity to be celebrated for not only their performance, but also for the quality of their work and their character.  We encourage students to achieve more than they think possible, and to become active contributors in building a better world. EL Education defines student achievement as a combination of academic achievement, character, and high quality work.  These three dimensions of student achievement guide learning in our school, and help us grow and nurture students who are more prepared for life outside our schools. Our school also utilizes EL frameworks and protocols to support character development and increase student agency and achievement through daily Crew lessons and activities. 

Garfield County Outdoors

Garfield County Outdoors is one of of 12 Generation Wild communities in the state of Colorado using a community-led, youth-driven, collaborative approach to creating equitable access to the outdoors.

In 2017, after several years of community planning, Great Outdoors Colorado awarded Garfield County Outdoors (GCO) and its partners $1.5 million to connect youth and families with the outdoors. This funding allows GCO and partners to provide free and paid programming into the schools and community in their network.

The following partners are a part of Garfield County Outdoors and work with the Re-2 and Garfield 16 School Districts to bring their incredible programming into our school and community:

Outdoor Classroom link

Outdoor Classroom

Bea Underwood Elementary School was the recipient of $108,442 COCO Grant!

With the help of GOCO funds, Garfield County created an outdoor classroom for its students at Bea Underwood Elementary. The new space includes a garden and stage area for presentations, outdoor fire pits, nature-inspired artwork, bilingual signage, and walkways. As part of a larger project called Garco Places, the outdoor classroom aims to connect youth and their families to outdoor activities by providing a space where kids can learn and play. The project was also largely student-led, with second and third graders participating in the design process and the student body voting on the most desired elements for the classroom.